Legends of Prehistoric Art, Vol. 2

Volume I
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This outstanding book showcases Native American Authentic Collectables of some of “America’s Greatest Prehistoric Artifact Collectors.”  Hundreds of historic photos grace this book as well as a substantial Present Day Collectors Section with a total of nearly 600 pages. Photos are accompanied by detailed descriptions of a wide variety of rare and highly sought-after Prehistoric Indian Artifacts. This essential and comprehensive reference belongs on every collector’s bookshelf.

Bobby sought to outdo himself with this Volume, there may never be another book quite like this one.

A wide array of artifacts are highlighted including: Arrowheads, Axes, Bannerstones, Birdstones, Blades,Celts, Discodials, Effigies, Hoes, Pestles, Pipes, Pottery and so much more...

Old-time collectors include: Dr. Rollin Bunch, Dr. T. Hugh Young, Earl C. Townsend Jr., Cameron W. Parks, Byron Knoblock & Edward Payne- just to name a few.

Volume II features 58 of America's prominant Present Day Indian Artifact Collectors; refer to the Index of Collectors for an all inclusive list.

Refer to the photo gallery for a sneak peak inside this magnificent book.


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