Legends of Prehistoric Art, Vol. I.

Volume I
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Lifetime Prehistoric Indian Artifact Collector Bobby J. Onken created this book in the year 2000.  A combine total of 256 pages of historic black and white photos as well as color photos highlight prominate "Old-Time" and "Present Day" Collectors. From J.G. Bracklein of Kansas City, Missouri to Ed Zimmerman of Bonne Terre, Missouri these are just two of the many "Great Indian Artifact Collectors" featured. For a more complete listing of all the collectors, please refer to the Image Gallery/Index of Collectors.

A wide array of artifacts are highlighted including: Arrowheads, Axes, Bannerstones, Birdstones, Blades,Celts, Discodials, Effigies, Hoes, Pestles, Pipes, Pottery and so much more...



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